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Looking for a fresh way to promote mental and physical wellness within your organization?

Look forward to bringing MyAnmol at your premises for a special corporate session.

We do presentations to create awareness and educate each individual about the importance of Saving, Insuring and Investing. We are happy to create awareness among any corporate/ business.

We serve as a perfect platform to help employees increase health and wealth. We at MyAnmol help you to articulate all your financial needs, be it individual or corporate and provide a unique solution through our friendly customer-support team.

We have experienced the financial service sector for over a period of two decades which in turn helps us to act as a catalyst in managing your wealth; which is now our concern.

Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of nearly any organization. If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of SII, please contact us through the information provided below.

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Call: 080-40463150
Whatsapp: +91 - 9742826665
Office address: Corporate & Registered Office
4th Floor Bhagavathy Towers,No.52,
33rd Cross, Jayanagar 4th Block,
Karnataka. India.

Terms and conditions

Minimum guests needed for the session is 15.